A Note of Thanks to the Region…

The Affirm Task Group celebrates with Northern Spirit Region on our decision to become an Affirming Region. The Spirit has called us into Bold Discipleship, Daring Justice and Deep Spirituality and we said Yes! Yes to becoming Affirming, and yes to radical inclusive welcome. We look forward to the public celebration of this decision in the fall, a time when we can sing to the rafters “all are welcome in this place.”

Did you know the celebration is part of the process once a local community of faith or a region declares itself to be affirming? It is a part of being Public Intentional and Explicit (PIE). Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble will present to NSR a certificate to mark the date and welcome us in celebration to the growing number of Regions and Communities of Faith who are already Affirming.

As we witnessed and heard at our annual gathering, our ministry of inclusive welcome has just begun. A new committee will be formed who will be responsible to help us live into the vision we have proclaimed for Northern Spirit Region. We, the Task Group, now disbanded, give thanks, and offer blessings upon the work and ministry to come.

In celebration of all,

We the Task Group say thank you for entrusting us to this work and this journey to today. 🌈