Northern Spirit Region of the United Church of Canada: Affirming Vision Statement, adopted May 2023.

Northern Spirit Regional Council of the United Church of Canada acknowledges and laments that
the Church, its traditions and teachings have caused harm to the Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and additional sexual
orientations and gender identities. (2SLGTQIA+)

We, Northern Spirit Regional Council, believe that we are called to follow Jesus’ wisdom in the
way of radical inclusive love. We believe that all people are unconditionally loved by the Creator
whose divine image we reflect.

The Northern Spirit Regional Council will live out its ministry by intentionally creating safe
spaces of belonging and participation of the 2SLGTQIA+ communities and their families.

We affirm that someone’s gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation is sacred and is celebrated in the full participation in the life and work of Northern Spirit Regional Council.

We affirm that all people including but not limited to age, gender, race, ability, class, economic status and sexual orientation and gender identity will be fully included in all aspects of Northern Spirit Regional Council’s life, leadership, and ministry,  without limitation based on identity, expression or orientation.

We commit ourselves to living into the complexities of becoming an Affirming Ministry will

Together we will use tangible resources to embody a ministry that is public, intentional and
explicit of our call to live out these values, and that we commit to continually learning and