Northern Spirit Regional Council meets at least once a year, online or as a hybrid online and in-person gathering. It conducts the business of the Regional Council, such as setting policy and priorities, or voting on relevant national matters. Worship, singing, education, discussion, honouring retirees, remembering members who have died, and above all, being together as the Body of Christ are all vital parts of the meeting. The meeting usually concludes with public worship at which new ministry personnel are admitted, recognized, commissioned, or ordained.

Voting members are ministry personnel and lay delegates from communities of faith, and other voting members as the court decides, according to The Manual and to relevant Regional policies. Visitors are most welcome, and, like delegates, must register. Below you’ll find the key final documents (“workbook”) for each meeting. In some cases, we include a video record, and documents related to special presentations or worship. If you see an error or omission please contact our office, bearing in mind that some documents or videos take longer to post. 

Northern Spirit Annual Meeting 2023, Living Our Faith. May 4-7, Camrose AB. United Church logo: Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship, Daring Justice.

The 2023 Annual Meeting was held in Camrose, Alberta, from May 4 – 7.

The Celebration of Ministries service is still available to be viewed at this link.

2023 Workbook Materials:
This Workbook includes Regional Council Information and Reports. This is the place to find more details information about the Northern Spirit Regional Council  from the reports that have been submitted.

Click here to access the 2023 Workbook Documents.
Click here to view all Workbook Documents in one printable pdf.

2022: United in a time of change …

The Northern Spirit Regional Council met online on October 14 & 15, 2022.

Proceedings notes from the meeting (PDF)
Notes and process questions from all small groups (PDF)
Presentation: Community of Faith story, Spirit of Hope UC (PDF)

2022 Meeting Workbook

This Workbook  includes Regional Council information and reports.
Regional Council Info
Accountability Reports

Executive Chairperson

Pastoral Relations

Property Commission

Affirming Task Group

Being Good Relations Network

Western Intercultural Ministry Network

Women of the United Church Network

Regional Minister: Justice and Communications

Office of Vocation Minister

Community of Faith Stewardship Support Staff

Annual Meeting Materials

Proposed Meeting Agenda

Enabling Motions

3rd Annual Regional Council Meeting (2021) Draft Minutes

Meeting and Business Procedures

Zoom Tip Sheet

2021 Financial Statements

Proposals Template


Additional Reports

Interfaith Center for Education and Action

Kirk United Church Centre

Northern Spirit Region Administrators’ Association

Atlantic School of Theology

Centre for Christian Studies

Emmanuel College

St. Andrew’s College

Vancouver School of Theology

Loving our neighbour and ourselves …

Over two Sessions on May 4 & 6, 2021, 165 delegates to the 3rd Annual Meeting met to worship together, and to listen, discuss and decide the work of the Northern Spirit Regional Council.

Session 1: Video Recording
Session 1: Written Summary
Session 2: Video Recording
Session 2: Written Summary

Video Greetings: the Right Reverend Dr. Richard Bott, United Church Moderator
Video Presentation: Mission and Service: Thank you for your generosity!

Proposals for Action by the 44th General Council, as approved:

Community of Faith Meeting Quorum
Commemorate Emancipation Sunday
Criteria and Authority for a Regional Council to End a Pastoral Relationship

Proposals for Action of the Northern Spirit Regional Council, as approved:

Response from the Northern Spirit Regional Council to the
Incidences of Racial Violence and Hatred in Alberta

Expressing Deep Concerns with the Proposed Alberta K-6 Curriculum

Commissioners to the 44th General Council: (* indicates Lay Members)
Mary Annan    M.P.T. Basele    Daniel Chon*    Peter Chynoweth    Lloyd Henderson*
Amy Kaler*    Helen Reed    Scott Reynolds   Leigh Sinclair    Gord Waldie
Sarah Waldie*    Bruce West*      Alternates:   Linda Marcotte    Deborah Hoekstra
Biographical notes from those Elected and their Alternates


The Second Annual Northern Spirit Regional Council Meeting was held the evenings of October 14 and 21, 2020, with approximately 170 people in attendance. Ministry Personnel, Lay Representatives from Communities of Faith, and Guests from all over the Northern Spirit region worshipped together, heard a report from the Affirming Task Group, and learned about and voted “Yes” to Remit 1: Amendment to Basis of Union Article 10.0.

To download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation from the Affirming Task Group,  please click here.
A recording of Session 1, October 14, 2020, is posted here.
For a written summary of the evening, please click here.
A recording of Session 2, October 21, 2020, is posted here.
For a written summary of the evening, please click here.
For  the full text of Remit 1: Amendment of Article 10.0 (Basis of Union), please visit:


A view of the Celebration of Ministries Service at the Inaugural meeting of the Northern Spirit Regional Council, May 26, 2019, in Valleyview, Alberta.