The Northern Spirit Regional Council is located within the entire areas of Treaties 11, 8, and small parts of Treaties 6 and 10. This includes the traditional territories of the Inuvialuit, North and South Slavey, Dogrib, Dene,  Beaver, Chipewayan and Cree. We are all Treaty People, with all the rights and responsibilities these living covenants Map showing Treaty boundaries and Indigenous communities. bring.

The Northern Spirit Regional Council shares these territories with two United Church Indigenous communities of faith, Marlene Steinhauer Memorial  United Church, Saddle Lake, and Goodfish Lake United Church, located in Amiskwacīwiyiniwak (Beaver Hills). (See the AB Treaty map to the right for context.)

They will discern over time how they will relate to the United Church, the Indigenous Ministries Council, and the Regional Council. This is a deeply important part of their right to self-determination and naming, and the process will take time and prayer. As a Regional Council, we commit to respecting the choices made, and to working towards being in good relationship with our relatives. We will be part of creating space in which we can share together in speaking, listening, and truth-telling, as well as food and song. Our right relations work, and commitments to the TRC Calls to Action, will also reflect these relationships as much as possible.


Charlene Burns is the Community Capacity Development Coordinator for BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Please see the staff contact page for her contact information and bio.