When a year ends we all seem to hope that the next year will be more serene and calm and all will go well.

We forget that when one year ends there is a bunch of work to be done to be really sure that we’ve tucked it away where it belongs. I think that this is the time of year when our administrators, book keepers and accountants need our prayers and support the most.

They are the ones who find themselves asking people again and again to get their year end reports in to prepare for the Annual Meetings. They are the ones who are trying to get the finances in order, and audited/reviewed. They are the ones who typically have to complete Statistics forms and Charitable Status forms with tight deadlines.

Who, in your church, is helping them gather information?

Who, in your church, is ensuring that none of these items are forgotten?


Your church governance team is responsible to ensure that:

  • Charitable Status forms are filled in each year. If this doesn’t happen your charitable number will be revoked and you can’t give receipts for donations. CRA consequences for none compliance are very expensive.
  • The United Church Statistics forms are filled in accurately and submitted in time. These forms help determine what your annual assessment is that you pay to General Council.
  • Annual Reports be available two weeks before your Annual Meeting for folk to read so that they can attend meetings fully informed. This isn’t mandatory, but is highly recommended as many folk just can’t absorb information handed to them at the door of the meeting. Annual Reports must include accurate information on the lived mission of your church and its current state of health.
  • Once your Annual meeting is held, Annual reports should be forwarded to the Northern Spirit Regional Council office. We have a team of folk who read through your reports. If we see something that indicates a church could need additional support, we can offer this before a crisis emerges.


Please don’t skip any of these bits. Do them well.

Living with hope for a slightly calmer 2024.



Helen Reed
Chair of Northern Spirit Regional Council Executive.


P.S.  In 2024, at the beginning of this year we also must slip in a Remit vote that these Administrators will send it for us before March 30 😊