A tipi against blue sky and clouds with the words "Being Good Relations Network" in a grey circle.The Being Good Relations Network is a United Church-based network covering all of AB, Northeast BC, and Yellowknife, working alongside Chinook Winds and Northern Spirit Regional Councils. It also includes relationships with four Indigenous communities of faith, emerging faith and spiritual circles, the wider Indigenous church, and First Nations, Métis, and Inuit organizations in our communities and provinces/ territory. All people supportive of right relations between Indigenous peoples and non- Indigenous people are welcome.

That’s why you’re being included in this invitation, whether or not you have experience or background with Being Good Relations. If you’re committed to right relations, the network wants to hear from you as it works on its future path. Click here for the survey. If you’d like to know the questions in advance,  a non-fillable PDF is available here. You can use this to share the questions with a group; you can send responses as a group or individuals.

And the network’s page is here if you’d like to learn more.