Two hands and arms, shackled, breaking the chain, with a red, yellow and white background. Title: Reflections on Emancipation and Anti Black Racism for Canada..We are pleased to announce to you the publishing of the book, “Reflections on Emancipation and Anti-Black Racism for Canada.” This book has been published by First United Church, Fort Saskatchewan. At our recent Regional Council Annual Meeting, we proposed that August 1 be observed annually in The United Church of Canada as Emancipation Day. As we discussed the proposal, it was clear that many people did not know about this part of our history.

This book is, in part, a response to the need for us to educate ourselves about the history of our country. You are encouraged to purchase and read this publication as we seek continue to build a new day in Canada, and raise awareness about Emancipation Day. The cost per copy is $15, and it includes contributions from 12 ministers, theologians and historians from across the United Church and beyond. You can order your copy here.

An Emancipation Day Service is also available on YouTube for free use and sharing, here.