Transphobic and homophobic hate mail from the US is again being sent to United Church Affirming ministries. The package contains messages and a USB key, and often has a Customs declaration that it is a “gift.” Some are sent from “Woodward Publications” in Oklahoma.

If you receive mail that you suspect to be this or other hate correspondence, please contact your Regional Council office immediately.

Instructions for reporting it

Please take a clear photo of the package’s mailing label. This will be needed for the report that is currently open with the Canadian Border Services Agency.

Email this to your Regional Council along with the church’s mailing address and the date of receipt. Full contact information is at the bottom of every web page.

If you do open the package:

  • Do not insert the USB key into any of your devices! Don’t ever use a USB key for any reason when you don’t know the source of that USB drive.
  • Be aware that contents likely include disturbing messages targeting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals. It also promotes some strange books that are very likely poorly written, and not worth reading even if you have insomnia.
  • Take photos of the material and send those photos to your Regional Council office too.Thank you for helping Regional Councils across the country in this effort to stop these packages entering the country.