A Sharing Season

We have now moved from that ‘return to church’ Fall season into the ‘Advent is coming soon’ season of the church. I know those aren’t technical or theological terms but I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I mean.

This is a time when we look for hope, we look forward to see how we as church can grasp an opportunity to plan for a New Year of engaging in God’s world as active members of faith communities. In the Advent/Christmas Season of gift giving, we all look to see what we can offer to family and friends and to God’s world around us.

Each of our own Communities of Faith are busy planning, looking toward new and renewed programs and committees. It feels good to engage ourselves in the work and various personalities of our church.

I’d like to remind you of another Faith Community that needs your engagement. The Northern Spirit Regional Council is your church too. We are here as a support to each other and that support needs the engagement of as many members as possible. As a Clergy or Lay Delegate, or as a valued member of one of our United Churches, we are asking that you consider sharing your gifts of time or talent with us.

Our most immediate need is for folk to take on the roles of Supervisors or Liaisons for those churches who find themselves in transition between Ministers. We’ll train you and guide you through the role and processes.

If you have an interest in Property Matters, or Pastoral Relations or supporting particular Communities of Faith through journeys of challenge or adventure there is a Committee spot waiting just for you.

We have a lot of hope in our Region. We have joined together in two Celebration of Ministries this year. It’s unusual but such a blessing to have the opportunity to celebrate those who are called into leadership in our church. We have committed to be mindful of the diversity in our communities and to celebrate them. We have conversations beginning around our region with churches willing to explore how they can work and support each other through worship and leadership sharing. We have churches acknowledging internal and external changes and moving into new ways of engaging with them that are exciting and soul lifting.

Please look to see how you can join us in engaging in this piece of God’s work. It really does feel good to be part of supporting each other. Truly it does.




Helen Reed, Executive Chair
Northern Spirit Regional Council