Beautiful rainbow coloured ice "glass" arranged on a table outside in the snow, with letters embedded in some of the blocks, spelling "God Loves You".

St Paul’s United Church in Grande Prairie and just some of the beautiful ice art gracing their building.

It’s nearing time to bring our lovely creativity in the Snow and Ice Art competition to a close. The equinox is drawing close, even though snow and cold across the Prairies and the North haven’t shown much sign of loosening their grips quite yet.

Still, with the sun getting stronger and with our entry into the Lenten journey, our thoughts might be turning from the beautiful creativity of ice to the beauty of spring planting, and to the promise of life and joy that is Easter. Feel free to keep creating and posting as long as the weather holds, though!

If you haven’t yet sent in your photos and a little story, please consider doing so. This lets you choose the photos you most want to share, and ensures the church isn’t using photos where permission wasn’t given.

We’re currently working on getting the website photo gallery function to work so that we can share your beautiful creations!

Please use this form to upload images and whatever short story or media links you wish to share. Thank you for joining in this new project, whether you were following along on our Facebook group (still going strong) or were busy experimenting in your community with new colours and sculptures, and widening your circles of community.