Save the Dates! 
The Regional Council will be offering three workshops in February which we hope all ministry personnel and interested lay leaders will attend. We are hoping the material we cover will not only explain to Liaisons and ministry personnel how to guide Communities of Faith in creating their Profiles, but also help ministry personnel to understand what they are seeing when they search for a new position.

And now that ChurchHub is developed and stabilizing, we can actually tell people how it works (more or less), and show how access by ministry personnel and Communities of Faith differs.

The workshops are 90 minutes long (7:00 pm to 8:30 pm MST), and are scheduled as follows:

Session One: Wednesday, February 9th: All Communities of Faith are to have a “Living Faith Story” posted in their ChurchHub account. What is it? Who writes it? And, where do they start?
Session Two: Wednesday, February 16th: Applications, Interviews and Negotiations! Need we say more?
Session Three: Wednesday February 23rd: Guiding a Community of Faith on using ChurchHub. What does their account look like? What’s in there (statistics!?)? And, how does it work?

Further information will be included in an upcoming Newsletter. For now please note the dates and talk with others in your community of faith.