Faithful Footprints is a national church program that helps congregations lower their energy use through careful retrofits. They asked the Region to tell you that they have some free energy audits available to congregations within a three hour drive of Edmonton (and they apologise to those outside that radius- but are very happy to work with you on other options). And they have other options on tap for everyone. Please contact Jessica Ryan if you’d like to look at reducing your carbon footprint as part of the United Church’s wider climate commitments.

Newo is piloting some exciting new offerings in our contract with the United Church. They note, “One of the most significant is that we have a budget to offer free energy audits/consultation with Newo’s certified energy auditors Garnet and Maroof for up to nine churches.

We are only able to offer in-person services like a walk-through energy audit to churches within roughly a three-hour radius of Edmonton. However, Garnet and Maroof are excellent resources even remotely. Don’t let your location hold you back; Faithful Footprint’s western Canada team would like to work with any church buildings in our Regional Council on projects involving energy efficiency and reducing fossil fuel use.”

For more information, contact Jessica Ryan